Shopping FAQs


What does shipping cost?

Three shipping regions; Local ( 1 day transit), Semi-Local (2 day transit) and Nationwide (3+ days in transit). For more info,  see our What is 'Local' Shipping? post?
For our 'Local' & 'Semi-Local' addresses ( includes most addresses in NY, NJ, VT, NH, PA, MA, RI, DE, CT, MD, VA, WV, ME, OH and D.C.)
From Oct 1st to May 31st;
  • $0-$99 - shipping is $15
  • $100-$299  - shipping is $10
  • $300 + - shipping is free!
 From June 1st - September 30th;
Shipping remains the same for 'Local' but we may delay a shipment if temps are extreme - we will contact you!
'Semi-Local' locations who order over 40 lbs qualify for normal shipping rates. For smaller orders, Overnight Express shipping will be quoted in the checkout. 
Shipping to all zip codes that are longer than 2 day transit, call us for a quote on your particular order. We may, at times, be able to beat what is quoted on our website and would be happy to do so. Shipping to remote areas, Alaska and Hawaii may be priced differently. 

How long will it take to receive my order?

The shipping date of your meat will be between 1-7 after you have ordered. If it is delayed for longer than a week, we will contact you about this! It may be that the meat hasn't finished dry-aging, smoking or being cut, wrapped, frozen. We do our very best to get your order to you quickly.

Can we visit the ranch and pick up our order?

Yes, you can! We have store hours, Thursday & Friday ( 2-5pm) and Saturday (9am-4pm). Make an appointment for any other time (315-347-4352)  - we would be happy to see you! 

What is a 'box'?

It is some of our most popular cuts in easy to request sizes that takes advantage of the full box. Feel free to add extra cuts alongside any of your box selections. You can also request certain cuts within your box in the notes.

How is my order packaged?

All cuts are packaged in vacuum-sealed cryovac, are good for up to 12 months and are shipped frozen.
We ship in custom made insulated boxes that will keep the meat cold for up to 3 days.

What if I will not be home for the delivery?

That is OK! You can leave a note for the FedEx driver giving permission to leave the box. We do not require signatures for delivery. If you will be away for a while just give us a call (315-347-4352) or send us an email to let us know we will be happy to find a good day for you to receive your box. Please give us at least 24 hours notice if you can.

I just received my meat and it is not frozen, is it okay to eat?

Yes, as long as the temperature of the meat is not above 50F, the meat is safe to eat. Take it and place whatever you don't want to cook within 24 hours back in the freezer, laying it out to refreeze quickly. Call us if you have questions or concerns - that is why we are here. 
All of the meat is shipped frozen and should arrive mostly frozen, however if there is a delay in delivery of your share and it thaws you can still eat the meat.