About lbs.

Chicken, Whole

Whole chicken with giblets removed. Perfect for roasting, poaching, spatchcocking or cutting into cuts.

$4.29/lb.plus S&H

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    About 61 lbs.

    “Everything but the Kitchen Sink” Box

    Ten 1 lb packages of Ground beef
    Five 1 lb packages of Ground pork
    Five lbs of Bacon* and/or Sausages* (mix)
    Five lbs of Beef Steaks (variety
    Five lbs of Pork Chops (variety)
    Five lbs of Beef Roasts (variety
    Five lbs of Pork Roasts (variety
    Five lbs of Pork ‘Morsels’ (spareribs, baby back ribs, tenderloin, etc)
    Five lbs of Beef ‘Morsels’ (short ribs, stew, osso bucco, etc)
    Five lbs of Lamb (mix of Loin Chops, Ground, Stew, Roasts)
    One Five-lb Whole Chicken OR Two lbs Chicken Cuts (your choice!)


    plus S&H