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                              Our three breeding rams, chilling. Did everyone enjoy their first share of Fall? Hoping to keep the goodness coming your way! It takes pretty much all month to plan and prep for each distro. From knowing how many members there… Read More

Shipping Rates from our Ranch to your door! We have three shipping regions; Local ( 1 day transit), Semi-Local (2 day transit) and Nationwide (3+ days in transit). For our our ‘Local’ & ‘Semi-Local’ addresses ( includes most addresses in NY, NJ, VT, NH, PA, MA, RI, DE, CT, MD, VA, WV, ME, OH and the… Read More

Hi Y’all, What is ‘Local’ Shipping? I hate overpriced shipping charges. You can help! That big initial cost is the shipping box. If you can, stock up for several months at a time or ask a friend to join you in ordering and save! We have three ‘regions’ based on how close you are in relation… Read More

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