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September CSA Newsletter Upcoming Delivery Dates September 6th ( shipping Tuesday for Wednesday delivery) Want it delivered another day? Welcome to the first share of the Fall CSA! September doesn’t feel very fall-ish….yet. The peak of summer has been reached and we are feeling threads of fall, tendrils of fog in the early mornings, bringing all… Read More

        August CSA Newsletter Upcoming Delivery Dates August 1st ( shipped Monday for Tuesday delivery) Let us know if you would like it delivered another day! A bit of a late CSA newsletter, my apologies! Anyone else think they are going to get way more done than will actually fit within a… Read More

  July CSA Newsletter It is going to be a little hot with a touch of steamy! We have been checking the weather and it looks a little warm for sending shares out next week. Normally, up to 80F for overnight shipments are pretty safe but when you are at 90F, it quickly becomes an… Read More

The story behind how we came to be offering the Berkshire pig is a long, winding road. After raising lamb and beef for a few years, the desire to have our own pork was there and we just so happened to know of a couple pigs for sale. They were the very best two pigs, ever. (sniff) Blackie… Read More

First share of Summer, crazy. Do the days of May just skip and jump around, it feels like I’ve lost a few along the way. May is probably one of my favorite months. After months of being dormant under a snow covered blanket all the LIFE that is under there just explodes. So much happening… Read More

Three solid weeks of lambing, including one day that I was away and Eathon & Cole managed eight ewes who lambed throughout the day. Poor guys had a cold but persevered to make sure each ewe and her lambs were jugged, given fresh hay & water and given time to bond with the lambs. We… Read More

Feels like Spring, right?! We go between mid 50’s and well, snow. Winter may be officially over but I think he is shrugging off the bits of snow from his shoulders before he finally walks away. Enjoying the last few days of fire lit evenings, candles still glowing before the endless summer days of sunshine… Read More

  First share of the Spring season! I KNOW! Early, who would a thought? Well, several reasons. LOTS to cover, please keep reading, lots of goodies in this post ( at least we hope so!) We have been trying to think ‘outside of the box’ and did a family meeting after consolidating and reading through the… Read More

Last share of the Season! Please check your inbox, we have sent you a letter with info about the upcoming season, along with a three question survey. So far we are getting back AMAZING response. Great ideas and suggestions to improve our ranch! Is it January over, already? Also, while many of you down south… Read More

Happy New Year! We didn’t have a white Christmas but winter did show up and a crusty, crunchy snow has covered those greening pastures. This morning, while feeding the beef, our big lead cow Chocolate proudly brought her brand spanking new calf. We had started to wonder if she was pregnant and laughingly called this… Read More

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