Eating, consuming, nourishing, binging. So many words for fuel. So many mindsets on what is right, and what isn’t. Did you catch the latest?  Whole30 and Paleo are bad for you. In Defense of Real Food: a Paleo & Whole30 Dietitian Responds to US News & World Report’s “Best Diets of 2017” Yes, whole… Read More

Anyone watched any Russian movies centered around the Siberian winter? The lowest recorded temperature for them was -89F. With windchill, our nearby Whiteface Mountain was inching mighty close. Locally, -30 to -40F was the normal temp for several nights. Our week has consisted of running out bundled up in layers, and then either stripping off… Read More

“If my ranch doesn’t have the meat I want, we ain’t cooking this week.” Michael H. responding to a friend asking why they just won’t ‘go shop at the store’. Why are you here? If you are like our family; you want to eat better, feel better and invest in your health now – instead… Read More

Good morning 2018, You’ve greeted us a bit on the brisk side, -32F and yet this old farmhouse is keeping us snug. Fields are covered in a thick blanket of snow, both protecting and cleansing. I love how these mornings last forever, pausing over a rare second cup of coffee and watching as the sun… Read More

Thanksgiving Appreciation Giveaway! You might have guessed, but we are SUPER thankful for all of you. You are a special group, you share a lot with us. Our goals of eating better, staying healthy, and improving the environment. This giveaway is silly simple. Leave a comment on this blog post just sharing what you are… Read More

April 2017 Meat CSA Newsletter Good afternoon Members! Just about finished with lambing for the year. As exciting as we are to begin, by the end we are dragging ourselves to the home plate. Read more about what lambing is like below. A big THANK YOU for everyone helping us out on our lack of… Read More