It has been a long but very worthwhile road to get here. We are very happy to announce Jesse & Krista have cheese available for sale starting May 28th! You can pre-order your raw Grasse Plain goats milk cheese. You can call them at 315-322-4769 or email; to place an order or ask questions! They will be offering just a plain white 60+ day aged white cheese and will be adding flavors soon.

  • Grasse Plaine – A white, distinct flavor that changes with the seasons and grasses.
  • Plaine, Chive & Garlic flavors available.

Pick up of orders by appointment only.


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  • Elisabeth

    Well, this isn’t really about goat cheese, but about the Chickens.
    Just wanted to say that the chickens are FANTASTIC! What struck me first, when I had thawed out my chicken, was the smell. There wasn’t any! I, and probably most people, are aware of a distinct chicken-y smell from any poultry we buy at the supermarket, and this chicken was completely smell-free. Like fish when it’s fresh caught, as opposed to 3 days old in the store.
    And it was so clean: perfectly plucked, and really clean inside and out.
    And so yummy – probably the richest-tasting chicken meat I’ve ever eaten. Makes me’think that what you get at the store, even if it’s ‘free-range’ whatever chicken, must be bred to a standard like, say, Red Delicious Apples: uniform in look, in size, available anywhere in the country and completely indistinguishable from all Red Delicious Apples everywhere.
    These chickens are truly outstanding.
    So (to get back to the topic I’ve ignored for this comment) is, I’m sure, the Goat Cheese.
    Gotta go order some….

    • So funny! That was my response the first time we did chickens. My sister-in-law thought I was crazy holding these just done chicken up and saying “smell!” They really just smell so fresh and clean. Gotta try to cheese, we had some chive goat cheese melted on a baguette that just about made me swoon…..

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