Easter was a last minute kind of special meal that we have perfected. Everyone was pretty exhausted from Spring’s inevitable rush of breakdowns, delays and mistakes. On Friday while recalling the past week(s) the desire to really celebrate newness, refreshment and resurrection came suddenly. Calls to family were made and meal plans were created from the simple ingredients in our larder. Our fresh ham roast, ( Hams the boar who loved many ladies but gave no babies) generously donated one of his rather prodigious hams for our dinner, along with some of our Yukon gold mashed potatoes, macaroni with goat cheese, Angelic Bakehouse sprouted grain rolls and a selection of pies. Peach, apple and cheesecake, filled us to the brim but laughter, thankfulness for our new life in Him tops it all.

As exhausted as may find each other, good laughter with family and friends seems to wipe it away for tears of joy. Hope you all had a great Easter.


  • Elisabeth Heinicke

    Oh no, please don’t say that you named your boar!!! And that you named him ‘Hams’!!!!
    It’s really hard to eat food with a name; my daughter insisted on naming a lobster ‘Fred’ once and I just couldn’t cook it – made her do it, ha.

    (just joking Kassandra: don’t feel obliged to post this comment!!!!!!!!!!!)

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