John spending some time with the beef herd.

Passing Years

It hits me harder with each passing year, or month… or, Ha! – daily. Time is precious and marches on. Do you ever get that sudden feeling of, “What on earth are you doing?”, usually preceded by that extra cookie, ten twenty minutes mindlessly scrolling though FB or just, wasting time. I don’t want to waste a minute!

Cole helping to put together our “Lego blocks 1st Walk-in Freezer”


Two kids, that is about all we were, John & I, when we started this ranch. Our goal was simple. Be able to live from what this little spot of granite outcroppings and deep clay soil could provide. What we have found instead is far more profound. The soil has blessed us, with grass, with animals that thrive, with rigorous toil and profound sleep. Perhaps most important is new vision for the future!

Eathon & Uncle Jesse putting up hay for winter – way back in the day.

While we have never been short on plans, the work force to do them has been. Over the next few years we hope to start passing the reins of several areas over to the up and coming. Seeing what they can improve with their own unique gifts. This time of year, when our bodies are feeling the weight of a spring & summer’s worth of labor – exhilaration for the future is exactly what everyone needs.

One of the future generation.

What may the future hold? Probably struggles, hard work, awesome laughs, some mud, equipment breakdowns and animals who get out, a family growing & stretching in wonderful ways. Above all is gratitude that we GET to do this life and SO THANKFUL for YOU for walking alongside us.



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