Hi Y’all,

What is ‘Local’ Shipping?

I hate overpriced shipping charges. You can help! That big initial cost is the shipping box. If you can, stock up for several months at a time or ask a friend to join you in ordering and save!

We have three ‘regions’ based on how close you are in relation to us.

  • Local ( 1 day Ground transit from us)
  • Semi-Local ( 2 day Ground transit from us)
  • Nationwide( 3+ days Ground transit from us)

During the summer heat, we only ship FedEx Ground to those of you who are ‘Local’. That includes most of NYS & NJ, all of CT, and some parts of MA around Boston.  Give us a holler if you have a question. Want to find out where you stand, use our zip code ( 13630) to find out yourself!

Winter gives us a reprieve and we can ship Ground to both ‘Local’, ‘Semi-Local’ and some parts of ‘Nationwide’. Just ask if you have a question!

For all other addresses we ship using FedEx Express Overnight & 2nd Day to get your packages to you in great shape.fedex logo


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