We both just finished the Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox 12 day cleanse a few days ago and our thoughts….

Wild Rose Herbal D-tox kit

Ahhh, that little dropper bottle, our LEAST favorite part.

  • Didn’t really feel like it affected us very much. No ‘surge’ of energy, or headaches, or huge withdrawals.
  • If we had still been eating sugar circa just a few years ago, this would have been TOTALLY different. We kicked processed sugar and DID go through some major withdrawals.
  • Learned a bunch of different ways to incorporate more veggies and whole grains into our repertoire. As we are very much a ‘meat & potatoes’ type family this stretched us in a good way!
  •  Was a refresher in staying away from processed foods. It is just so lazy easy grab stuff at the store, making some of these dishes took a bit more time, but honestly tasted way better.


$25 well spent? I don’t think we will do this again but it was a great way to tighten our belts, eat better and try new things!


  • purple dragon

    I appreciate your candor! Lots of people would just have pushed this under their carpet, afraid others would think they’d been conned. (There is a lot of exaggeration in the supplement industry, and it is an industry.) I am old enough to think that the most useful health improvements you can make are the ones that you can keep doing, almost all the time. Cutting out sugar is so important for many many reasons – but very hard to give up at holidays and birthdays. Likewise for processed food – I think any family that gets to “rare” for sugar and processed foods has succeeded!

    • Kassandra Barton

      Exactly!! Every time we look forward, it seems in reality we are just looking back. So many homeopathic methods have been done and we are just rediscovering them. Also, looking at your health as something to maintain and be thriving, not fix once broken is a game changer, at least for us.

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