Shipping Rates from our Ranch to your door! We have three shipping regions; Local ( 1 day transit), Semi-Local (2 day transit) and Nationwide (3+ days in transit). For our our ‘Local’ & ‘Semi-Local’ addresses ( includes most addresses in NY, NJ, VT, NH, PA, MA, RI, DE, CT, MD, VA, WV, ME, OH and the… Read More

Baking Day Today is a rainy day and calls for baking, lots of it. While the guys drain rain storage barrels to collect the new rain falling, I’m grinding, mixing and filling the cook stove with firewood. The first batch of granola is in and I have a few minutes while the wheat grinds into… Read More

Our Christmas Present Not a new building, not a new telehandler, but the Shepherd himself. Scratching your head? Read on… Ok, this could be a long post, but so, so good. Two and a half years ago, our processor discontinued its USDA inspection which meant some very dark days ahead. Without that magical stamp upon… Read More

What’s for Dinner? Good afternoon. Yes, afternoon already. It is two days post Christmas and I’m dragging myself out of the ‘relax’ mode into ‘productive’ mode. This Christmas was just.So.RELAXING. This, in part because all of those Christmas boxes arrived, on time, to the right people and I didn’t have to call FedEx once to… Read More

      “Not according to a calendar or watch but the life cycles of the animals” Changing of another season, not according to a calendar or watch but the life cycles of the animals. The rams have been put out with the ewes with the hope of Springishness for them to be born. Time… Read More

Celebrating a whole new season! For the past twelve years John & I have been renting this farm from his  grandfather, and then after he passed away, his father. This summer we became owners! A HUGE thank you to my father-in-law for his his generosity and generational legacy. John & I knew that eventually a mortgage… Read More

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