... Offering 100% pastured, humanely and naturally raised meats to New England and the nation.


8 O'clock Ranch

...that animals were placed upon this earth in our care.
We strive to be good shepherds by offering the best pasturage, cleanest waters and protection from predators to our flocks of sheep and chickens and herds of cattle and pigs.

We LOVE what we do, we enjoy the early mornings, long days and the pleasure of watching any of our animals graze and grow as they were created to do.

We hope you enjoy the 'fruit' of our harvest.


New Seasons

While we may be in the middle of winter, ( and enjoying every snowy day...for the most part!) we are realizing that a new season is inching ever closer. I know the veggie farms are eagerly pouring over seed catalogs....so what do ranchers dream? Grass. Dirt. Worms. We are always working on better soil which will, in turn, create better grass for our beloved grazing crew.
So, for now, we are updating this poor, neglected website and dreaming of what excitement 2015 will hold! > > Read more > >

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C.S.A = Community Supported Agriculture.

Finding the width and breadth of what can be offered through CSA's is astounding. Vegetables, fruit, flowers, milk, baked goods, meats, coffee and the list goes on. We invite you to check out our variety of CSA shares that so many have eagerly enjoyed.
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